10 Awesome Shops in Japan

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Awesome Shops in Japan

One of the best things to do while in Japan is to go shopping. Japan has so many places to go shopping and has tons of wonderful products. Here are some stores that many locals and tourists go to in Japan. Check out the 10 Awesome shops in Japan:

10 Awesome Shops in Japan

1. Don Quijote

Don Quijote (or Donki) is a retail chain store that sells a wide range of items. This shop sells souvenirs, beauty products, clothing, accessories, and more. Some of the Donki shops are even open 24 hours.

Don Quijote Tokyo

2. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion retail brand that started in 1949. The largest Uniqlo store in the world is located in Ginza. A great place to buy clothes and accessories.

3. Daiso

Daiso is a popular shop that sells lots of items for 100 Yen. This is a great store to buy souvenirs and presents.


4. Sanrio

A must place to shop especially for those who love Hello Kitty. There are many Sanrio stores all over Japan.

Awesome Shops in Japan

Sanrio Gallery Osaka

5. Muji

Muji is a store that sells simple design home goods. There are Muji stores in Japan and around the world.


6. Loft

Loft is a store that sells home goods and everyday items.

Awesome Shops in Japan

Loft Tokyo

7. Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands is similar to Loft. This shop sells souvenirs, home goods, stationery and many other items.

8. Animate

Animate is a store that sells anime goods. The main store is located in Ikebukuro.

Awesome Shops in Japan

Animate Tokyo

9. Kiddy Land

Kiddy Land is a shop that sells character goods and toys. There are shops in Tokyo and Osaka. The main store is located in Harajuku.

Kiddy Land

10. Disney store

Disney store? Yes, the Disney store in Japan is very different from the Disney store in the US. The Disney store in Japan has really kawaii items for everyone not just kids.

Awesome Shops in Japan

Disney Store Osaka

Special Mention:

If you’re not planning to visit Japan anytime soon. Definitely check out Rakuten Global Market.

Rakuten Global Market is an online market shop from Japan. You can find clothing, accessories, beauty products and much more. And they ship worldwide.


My favorite Rakuten Global Market fashion shops are:

1. DreamV – Cute, casual, gyaru and lolita fashion.

2. Galstar – Simple, gyaru, feminine and casual style.

3. osharewalker – Trendy, cool and street fashion style.

4. Favorite – Mori fashion items.

Have you been to Japan before? Share us your story.

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Awesome Shops in Japan

Awesome Shops in Japan. Shopping in Japan Guide.

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  1. Jane

    Thanks for sharing! Can you please make an article about good rakuten clothing shops? I really love your list and still look at dreamv nowadays!


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