10 Fun Facts about the Philippines

The 10 Fun Facts about the Philippines:

1.  Jeepneys are the most efficient public transportation.
2.  Filipinos point with their lips.  If you ask someone for something like ‘where’s the door?’ they will most likely point with their lips.
3.  Typical nicknames are: Totoy, Dodong, Boy, Girlie, repeated syllables like jing-jing, Jon-jon, Len-len
4.  Each meal is paired with rice.  Always.
5.  Filipino greet their elders by taking the elder’s hand and placing it on their forehead.
6.  Filipino’s middle name (almost always) is their Mother’s maiden name
7.  The word for soda (or cola) is ‘Soft drink’
8.  The word for restroom (or WC) is ‘CR – comfort room’
9.  Jollibee is the most famous fastfood restaurant
10. Filipinos are very happy people.  They love to laugh, sing and enjoy life.

As most of you know, I am Filipino.  I spent my first 14 years of my life in the Philippines and afterwards my family migrated to the United States.  While I may be far away, I do visit the Philippines every once in a while.  Whenever I visited,  I always enjoyed every moment of my stay there.  The weather was warm and sunny, the food was fantastic and the people are as friendly as ever.


Published 28 January, 2013

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