10 Interesting Facts About Hamburg Germany

Facts About Hamburg

10 Interesting Facts About Hamburg Germany:

1.  Hamburg is a city-state located in the northern part of Germany.

2.  Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany (first is Berlin).

3.  There are over 100 clubs and music venues in Hamburg.

4.  Many refer to Hamburg as Germany’s ‘Gateway to the World’.

5.  There are about 1.8 million people living in the city of Hamburg.

6.  The term ‘Hamburger’ originally derived from Hamburg.

7.  The Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway in the world.

8.  Hamburg has over 2300 bridges.

9.  The Park Planten un Blomen has the largest Japanese landscape gardens in Europe.

10.  Hamburg’s official name is ‘Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg’ meaning the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

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Interesting Facts about Hamburg Germany

Published 10 December, 2014

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