10 Interesting Facts About Bratislava

Facts about Bratislava

10 Interesting Facts About Bratislava

1. Bratislava is the largest and capital city of Slovakia.

2. Bratislava is only an hour away from another capital city, Vienna. The distance between the two capital cities is approximately 50 Km.

3. A famous landmark in Bratislava is the Most Slovenskeho Narodneho Povstania (Most SNP) or the UFO bridge, a bridge over the Danube river.

4. Bratislava has a population around 420,000 people.

5. Bratislava is the only capital city that borders two countries (Austria and Hungary).

6. The lowest elevation point is the Danube River (126 meters).

7. Bratislava has an area of 142 square miles.

8. Before it’s modern name, Bratislava was once referred by its German name, Pressburg.

9. Bratislava is the most visited city in Slovakia, nearly 1 million visitors in 2013.

10. Bratislava has an iconic food called Bratislavsky rozok. It’s a sweet pastry snack that has a crescent shape.

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Published 1 July, 2014

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