10 Interesting Facts About Brussels

Interesting Facts About Brussels

10 Interesting Facts About Brussels

1.   Brussels is the capital city of Belgium.

2.   Galeries St. Hubert is Europe’s oldest shopping arcade that has been opened since 1847.

3.   Brussels has an area of 62.2 Square miles.

4.   Brussels is also known as the ‘Heart of Europe’ since its the capital of the European Union and headquarters of NATO.

5.   Brussel’s Royal Palace is larger than Buckingham Palace.

6.   Adventures of Tintin cartoonist Herge, was born in Etterbeek, Brussels.

7.   Nemo33 in Brussles, is the deepest diving pool in the world.

8.   The Manneken Pis is the symbol of Brussels

9.   The Grote Markt (Grand Place) is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

10. The world’s largest chocolate selling point is at the Brussel’s international airport.  Everyone loves authentic Belgian chocolates.

Published 4 April, 2014

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