10 Interesting Facts About Tokyo

Intersting Facts About Tokyo

10 Interesting Facts About Tokyo

1.  Shinjuku station is the busiest transportation hub in the world.

2.  There are over 13 million living in the Tokyo metropolis.

3.  Tokyo is actually a metropolitan prefecture – its both a city and prefecture.

4.  Tokyo was once known as Edo, which used to be a fishing village.

5.  The Tokyo Skytree is the second largest structure in the world (first is Burj Khalifa).

6.  Odaiba is an artificial island that was built in the 1800’s.

7.  Senso-ji temple located in Asakusa is the oldest temple in Tokyo.

8.  Aragawa, one of the most expensive restaurant in the world can be found in Tokyo. This restaurant is known for its Kobe beef which is considered as the best in the world.

9.  Tokyo has over 503 train stations.

10.  Harajuku is the oldest working station building in Tokyo.

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Published 10 November, 2014

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