101 Europe Travel Bucket List

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Europe has always been one the most famous continent to visit among travelers. There’s so much culture, history and delicious food. We’ve gathered 101 bucket list of things to do while in Europe.

101 Europe Travel Bucket List

1. Watch the Astronomical clock show in Prague.
2. See the famous ‘The Kiss’ painting in Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere.
3. Find the Manneken Pis in the city center of Brussels.
4. Carriage ride along the cobbled streets of Bruges.
5. Take ‘The Sound of Music’ movie tour in Salzburg.
6. Hike the many trails along the terraced lakes in Plitvice.
7. Stroll through the white pebbled beach in the island of Brac.
8. Cross the Charles Bridge during sunset.
9. See the little mermaid statue by the waterside in Copenhagen.
10. Visit the different market stalls in Raekoja Plats town square in Tallinn.

Astronomical Clock in Prague

11. Stay at the glass igloos in Finland to see the northern lights.
12. Celebrate Christmas day at the Santa Claus Village in Lapland.
13. See the Eiffel Tower’s illumination at night.
14. Visit the Louvre Museum and check out the famous Mona Lisa painting.
15. Leisurely walk through the gardens of Versailles.
16. Tour the Mont Saint Michel island in Normandy.
17. Wear a Dirndl/Lederhosen during Oktoberfest in Munich.
18. Eat curry wurst with fries in Berlin.
19. Take a photo of the Brandenburg gate during sunrise.
20. Visit the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ inspiration castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria.
21. Sightseeing at the Black Forest region and see the picturesque villages.
22. Stay at one of the resort villas in Santorini.
23. Hike up all the way to see the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens.
24. Drive through Germany’s fairy tale route starting from Hanau all the way to Bremen.
25. Tour the ancient site of Olympia where the original Olympic games were held.
26. Enjoy the view of the Hungarian Parliament Building at night.
27. Stroll around the Fisherman’s Bastion to see the neo Gothic style terrace.
28. Take the funicular rail going up to Buda Castle.
29. See the different iconic status at the Heroes’ Square in Budapest.
30. Tour the Budapest Opera House to learn more about its history and beautiful neo Renaissance architecture.
31. Relax at the Geothermal spa in the Blue Lagoon of Iceland.
32. Take a day trip from Dublin to see the Cliffs of Moher.
33. Visit the Colosseum in Rome, the largest amphitheater in the world.
34. Gondola ride at the Grand Canal in Venice.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany

35. See Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting in Milan.
36. A photo posing with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
37. Stroll around the Riga Town Hall Square.
38. Bicycle ride through the many bike paths in Amsterdam.
39. See the unique cube houses in Rotterdam.
40. Flower viewing during the spring time in Keukenhof gardens in Lisse.
41. Sunset walk at the Oslo Opera House.
42. Take a cable car to go to the top of Mount Ulriken to see the magnificent city view of Bergen.
43. Visit the beautiful Mariacka street in Gdansk and admire the colorful buildings.
44. See the Northern Lights in Tromso.
45. Try the Pastel de nata at the Pasteis de Belem shop in Lisbon.
46. Day tour to the Pena Palace, a castle located at the top of Sintra Mountains.
47. Visit Bran Castle also known as Dracula’s Castle near Brasov during winter.
48. Walk around the city center of San Marino, a small country located in Italy.
49. Rent a boat and row across Lake Bled to see the Bled Castle.
50. Cross the three bridges in Ljubljana.
51. Explore the artistic and unique Park Guell in Barcelona.
52. Relax and enjoy the sunset at the Barceloneta beach.
53. Visit the iconic Alcazar of Seville, the Moorish royal palace.
54. Try different foods at the Market of San Miguel (Mercado San Miguel) in Madrid.
55. Take a photo of the Sagrada Familia’s artistic ceiling.
56. See the impressive 17th century ship at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm.
57. Sledding at the Swiss Alps in Grindelwald.
58. Hop on the Swiss Chocolate Train and travel between Montreux and Cailler chocolate factory.
59. Drive through Iceland’s Golden Circle to see the majestic landmarks around the country.

Sagrada Familia’s ceiling in Barcelona Spain

60. Eat a slice of the Mozart Cake in Vienna.
61. Stay at one of the castellos in Tuscany.
62. Hike up the hills of Alfama to view the scenic city of Lisbon.
63. Eat the famous Paella Valenciana in Valencia.
64. Christmas Market at the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna.
65. Browse through the shops at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
66. See the Sistine Chapel ceiling painting by Michelangelo.
67. Visit the ancient Basilica Cistern that’s under the city of Istanbul.
68. Tour around the historical building of Hagia Sophia.
69. Toss a coin at the Trevi Fountain.
70. Photograph the Lavender fields in Provence.
71. See the Book of Kells Exhibition at the Trinity College Dublin.
72. Kayaking at Adriatic Sea with the view of Dubrovnik’s medieval walls from a distance.
73. Watch a Flamenco show in the region of Andalusia.
74. Stroll through the grand gardens of Peterhof Palace.
75. A scenic rail tour to see the Fjords in Norway.
76. Explore and see the large collection of artworks at the Hermitage Museum.
77. Visit the impressive Atomium monument building in Brussels.
78. Eat gelato at the Gelateria Dondoli in San Gimignano, a world ice cream champion.
79. Sail through the Amalfi Coast.
80. See the cute shops at the Golden Lane inside Prague Castle.
81. Celebrate midsummer holiday in Sweden at a park.
82. Have a traditional afternoon tea in London.
83. Take a tour of the Edinburgh Castle.
84. Watch New Year’s Fireworks in London.
85. Get to see the stone columns at the Giant Causeway.

Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy

86. Stroll along the largest medieval market square in Krakow’s old town.
87. Window shopping at the Harrods in London.
88. Day trip to see the mysterious and prehistoric Stonehenge monument.
89. See the changing of the Guards at the Buckingham Palace.
90. Visit the Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn.
91. Buy a nesting doll souvenir in Saint Petersburg.
92. Ride a double decker bus going to the Tower Bridge.
93. Sample different kinds of shortbread cookies in Scotland.
94. Wear a costume during Fasching (Carnival) celebration in Cologne.
95. Hike up to see the Bratislava Castle and the view of the city.
96. Visit Aland, an archipelago between Finland and Sweden.
97. Boat tour to see the Blue Grotto in Malta.
98. Bird watching in the Faroe Islands.
99. Take a tour through the ancient city of Pompeii.
100. Order the Risotto alla Milanese at a restaurant in Milan.
101. A scenic drive in Scotland’s North Coast 500.

Have you been to Europe? Which countries have you visited? Share us your story.

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101 Europe Travel Bucket List

Published 12 January, 2017

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  1. thesweatergiraffe

    This list is PERFECT! I’ve been living in Versailles for the past year and am ending my stay with a big Central Europe/Croatia backpacking trip; hopefully I’ll be crossing quite a few things off this list on my way!!


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