The 101 Ultimate Cute Travel Bucket List around the World


I have always been fascinated with cute cafes, shops, food and pretty much anything kawaii (Japanese themed cuteness).  Whenever I travel, it has always been my mission to seek out cute places and activities to do.  And what I have realized is that, there are so many cute places in the world (especially in Japan), a lifetime is not even enough to see all of them.  Sometimes it can get a bit difficult finding cute places but you just have to keep on searching.   And once you find it, it feels like a pure bliss of happiness.

I would like to share with you, ‘My Ultimate Cute Travel Bucket List’.  It has been a long time coming, but I have finally managed to jot down 101 cute travel lists.  The list is somewhat incomplete (still), but it can be a starter bucket list.  Feel free to get inspired with this bucket list to start your own cute travel adventures.   Enjoy!

My 101 Ultimate Cute Travel Bucket List

1.   Have a Hello Kitty latte at all the 7 Hello Kitty cafes in South Korea

2.   Leisurely walk at the Dubai Miracle Gardens

3.   Eat a freshly cooked crepe at Marion’s Crepes in Takeshita Dori*

4.   Visit any cat cafes in Seoul

5.   Get pampered at the Luxurious Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai

6.   Have an Obelix burger at the Comic cafe in Brussels

7.   Explore the fun NEMO science museum in Amsterdam*

8.   Participate in the Harajuku fashion street walk

9.   Stay overnight at any fairytale castle along the Rhine river

10. Tour the Ritter chocolate museum near Stuttgart*

11.  Visit a dog cafe

12.  Take photos of different cafe art in Ginza

13.  Hold a Koala bear

14.  Have a coffee at any of the Moomin cafes in Tokyo

15.  Sample a free Jelly Belly at the Jelly Belly factory*

16.  Visit a maid cafe in Akihabara*

17.  Buy ornaments at the Christmas market in Salzburg

18.  See the Easter market in Prague

19.  A photograph at the Neuschwanstein Fairytale castle*

20.  A day trip at the Sanrio Puroland

21.  See Japan during the cherry blossom season

22.  A Hello Kitty afternoon tea at SET Genki in the Hague*

23.  Wear a dirndl during Oktoberfest in Munich*

24.  Buy Hello Kitty keychain from every Sanrio location in Japan

25.  Afternoon tea and fashion show at the Le Bristol in Paris

26.  Stay at the Hello Kitty Princess room in Lotte Hotel Jeju

27.  Shop in Japan during the Fukubukuro season

28.  Visit the Moomin world theme park in Finland

29.  A photo session wearing a Hanbok in Seoul

30.  Dine at the Barbie restaurant in Taipei

31.  See the two Hello Kitty world in Istanbul

32.  Tour the Moof museum in Brussels*

33.  Visit the world’s largest cuckoo clock in Triberg*

34.  Test out different chocolates at the Maison Cailler chocolate factory*

35.  Take a break and have a French macaron at Laduree in Paris

36.  Fly with Hello Kitty EVA airlines to anywhere

37.  Try out a princess dress at the Princess cafe*

38.  Spend a night at an ice hotel

39.  Ride the Harmony train in Harmonyland

40.  Stroll around Yoyogi Park wearing a kigurumi

41.  Watch an exclusive film at the Studio Ghibli museum*

42.  Visit all the Disney parks in Asia

43.  Relax with Rilakkuma at Capi Capi Loom Loom cafe

44.  Sit at the big chair in the Leprechaun museum

45.  Marvel at the golden chocolate fountain at the Koln chocolate museum

46.  Visit the Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia

47.  See all of the Legoland theme parks

48.  Tour the Harry Potter Studio in England

49.  Buy an all pink M&Ms bag at the M&M world

50.  Taste different kinds of French macarons around the world

51.  Shop at the Sanrio Outlet in Hamburg

52.  Visit the Jetoy stationery store in Apgujeong*

53.  Collect all Starbucks country mugs from all around the world

54.  Buy cute souvenirs from every country I visit

55.  Photograph my cute travel toys at the Eiffel tower

56.  Have some coffee next to a sheep at the Nature Cafe in Seoul

57.  Enjoy a chocolate fudge cake and tea at the Queen of Tarts in Dublin*

58.  Photograph next to the little Tarsiers in Bohol*

59.  Get a huge character pillow from Kiddyland

60.  Eat a Belgian waffle while strolling around the Grand Market

61.  Taste test side by side Belgian vs. Swiss chocolates

62.  Collect Christmas market mugs from different Christmas markets in Europe

63.  See the flower carpet festival in Brussels

64.  Visit all the 6 Alice in Wonderland cafe in Japan

65.  Have a cafe latte in the Charlie Brown cafe in Singapore

66.  See the interior of one of the cube houses in Rotterdam

67.  Visit a Daiso shop outside Japan

68.  Stay at the Hello Kitty Suite in the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel Taiwan

69.  Stroll around the Japan-town in Sao Paulo

70.  Have a purikura photo session with friends*

71.  Dine in at one of the famous Toilet themed restaurants

72.  See the Miffy museum in Utrecht

73.  Visit a miniature theme park*

74.  Have a picnic at the Park Guell wearing otome-style clothing

75.  Buy a Pikachu plush at the Pokemon Center

76.  See a Sanrio store in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Australia

77.  Go to a Teddy Bear convention

78.  Follow the comic walk in Brussels*

79.  A full day theme park tour at the Universal Wonderland in Osaka

80.  Photograph fun artworks at the Trick-Eye museum*

81.  Enjoy desserts at the Qpot cafe with friends

82.  Have a Korean-drama themed photo session

83.  Go to the largest anime convention in Tokyo

84.  Visit the Doraemon cafe

85.  Stay at least 1 month in Tokyo near Harajuku

86.  See the tulip festival in Holland

87.  Go to a Blythe and Pullip doll convention

88.  Be at Hong Kong during the Lantern festival

89.  Watch the Tokyo Girls Collection Fashion show in person

90.  Tour the Palace of Versailles

91.  Enjoy a gelato while admiring the Trevi fountain*

92.  Visit a Panda themed coffee shop in Tokyo

93.  Shop at the Tokidoki  in Melrose

94.  Enjoy a full afternoon at the Japan town in San Francisco*

95.  Be invited to watch a Paris fashion week event

96.  Visit any Barbie dream house locations

97.  Try different Asian snacks*

98.  Try out every single drinks at a vending machine in Japan

99.  Have an autograph post card by Imai Kira

100. Meet Aoki Misako, the kawaii ambassador

101. Listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music while cruising at the Greek isles

* – means that I have done these activities (23 out of 101).  I will try to keep updating this list to see how far I have come along.

I hope that these list have inspired you in some way.  Do you have bucket list as well of places you would like to see?

Published 17 March, 2014

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