13 Delicious foods to try in Turkey

Foods to try in Turkey

Turkish cuisine is a fusion of central Asian, European and Middle Eastern cuisines.  Depending which part of the country you’re visiting there are different types of spices, vegetables and specialties.  When I visited Turkey, I went two cities which were Izmir and Istanbul, and both cities had delicious foods I would totally go back for again.  Here are the foods I tried and highly recommend when you visit Turkey.

13 Foods to try in Turkey:

1.  Lahmacun
Description: A crispy bread covered in tomato sauce and topped with ground meat.  It looks like a pizza.

Foods to try in Turkey


2.  Turkish Delights
Description: Soft and chewy dessert made from starch and sugar.  These come in different vareties – with nuts, pistachio, etc.

Foods to try in Turkey

Turkish Delights

3.  Turkish Tea
Description: Different teas from Turkey, the most famous is the Cay which has a reddish color served with sugar.

Foods to try in Turkey

Turkish Tea

4.  Lokma
Description: A ball shaped fried dough topped with coconut and syrup.

Foods to try in Turkey


5.  Lamb Chops
Description: Lamb chops marinated with spices and served with vegetables.

Foods to try in Turkey

Lamb Chops

6.  Tropicana Cherry Juice
Description: Tropicana Cherry juice (I think they only have this in Turkey).

Foods to try in Turkey

Tropicana Cherry Juice

7.  Cacik
Description: A dip made with Turkish yogurt, herbs and cucumber.

Foods to try in Turkey


8.  Yogurtlu Havuc
Description: Another dip made with Turkish yogurt and chopped carrots.

Foods to try in Turkey

Yogurtlu Havuc

9.  Baklava
Description: A Sweet dessert made with filo pastry, nuts and sugar.

Foods to try in Turkey


10.  Chicken Shish Kebab
Description: Chicken marinated in yogurt and then grilled.

Foods to try in Turkey

Chicken Shish Kebab

11.  Eggplant Salad
Description: Chopped eggplant mixed with tomatos and herbs.

Foods to try in Turkey

Eggplant Salad

12.  Saksuka
Description: Fried egg plant and potato salad with tomato sauce.

Foods to try in Turkey


13. Lavash
Description: It’s a thin and puffy bread with with sesame seed on top.

Foods to try in Turkey


Have you tried Turkish cuisine before?  Share us your story.

Published 30 May, 2014

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