4 Places You Must See in Rome

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Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Rome, Italy is definitely a place one of those places you must visit in your lifetime.  The beautiful architecture, history and the delicious food.  It’s no wonder its one of the most visited places in the world.  Here are my top 4 places you must see while in Rome:

1.  The Trevi Fountain – Located in the Trevi district in Rome, this is considered one of the most famous fountain in the world.  Don’t forget to throw a coin in the fountain, according to a traditional legend, if you throw a coin in the fountain, you are ensured a return to Rome.

The Pantheon Building

The Pantheon Building

2.  The Pantheon Building – It is one of the best preserved and influential Roman buildings that has been around since 126 AD.  It’s most famous for the central opening in the ceiling which is the main source of natural light.  This building is considered to be a place of worship.  Also, the famous painter, Raphael is actually buried inside the building.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum

3.  The Colosseum – the largest amphitheater in the world and it is considered one of the most popular tourist attraction in Rome.  This iconic amphitheater used to hold gladiator contests, animal hunts, and dramas.  Also it is part of the New Seven Wonders of the World – so you wouldn’t want to miss seeing this place.

Saint Peter's Square

Saint Peter’s Square

4.  St. Peter’s Square – located in front of the St. Peter’s basilica in Vatican city surrounded by Rome.  This grand avenue is has a magnificent view of the St. Peter’s basilica at the front.  Also on some days (like Sunday and Wednesday) you might get a chance to see the Pope.

Have you been to Rome?  Which place did you like to visit the most?  Let us know.

Published 3 July, 2013

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