4 Things to do in Bucharest

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Things to do in Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania.  This city is also known as the ‘little Paris’ because of its similarly beautiful architectures.  When I had a chance to visit this city, the first thing I noticed were the elegantly designed buildings.  It was also my first time visiting Bucharest (as well as the country of Romania), and I had a great time exploring the city.  Here are some recommendations on things to do when in Bucharest.

4 Things to do in Bucharest:

1.  Visit the National Museum of Art of Romania.

National Art Museum of Bucharest

National Museum of Art of Romania

2.  Walk along the famous Victoriei Avenue.

Victoriei street

Victoriei Avenue

3.  Try the local pastries (we tried some at a bakery called ‘Gigi’).

Pastries at Gigi

Pastries at Gigi

4.  Coffee and cake break at the Boutique Restaurant Chocolat.

Boutique Restaurant Chocolat

Boutique Restaurant Chocolat


Also, check out these nearby places to visit (2 hour drive):
– Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)
– Pele’s Castle

Have you been to Bucharest?  Share us your story.

Published 9 March, 2015

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