5 Cool Places to Visit in Oslo

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Places to visit in Oslo

Oslo the capital city of Norway, a city ranked number one in terms of quality of life.  And second most expensive city in the world (after Tokyo).  At the moment, there are about 630,000+ people living in Oslo.

I went to visit Oslo for about two days, and I got a chance to visit some really cool places that I would like to share with you.  Fortunately, when I visited the weather for both days were perfect – not too cold or hot.  I was told that it is usually very cold and rainy sometimes.  If you’re wondering how I got to see these places – I took the hop on hop off bus tour (except the Munch Museum, you would need to take the metro).

Here are the 5 Cool Places to Visit in Oslo:

1.  Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House was opened on 12 April 2008.  This is where they hold Operas and Ballet performances.  The main auditorium can accommodate up to 1364 seating.  Across from the Opera House, there’s a glass panel installed that look somewhat like an iceberg, it’s called ‘She Lies’.

Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House

2.  Frogner Park

The Frogner Park is a park where you can see many statues made by a single artist.  It is quite a popular destination, most especially the Monolith – a column that is carved from one stone that’s over 14 meters high.


Frogner Park

3.  Munch Museum

The Munch Museum is a bit off the main central location, but it is worth checking out since it holds the most famous ‘Scream’ painting.  Entrance Fee of 95 NOK for adults.

How to get there:  From Oslo Central Station take the Eastbound metro heading to Toyen Station.

Munch Museum

Munch Museum

4.  Norsk FolkeMuseum

The Norsk FolkeMuseum is the largest cultural history museum that showcases many collections from all around Norway.  Entrance fee of 110 NOK for adults.

Norsk FolkeMuseum

Norsk FolkeMuseum

5.  Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum holds many fully intact Viking ships on display.  The museum is part of the Museum of Cultural History.

Have you visited any of these places?  Let us know.

Published 10 July, 2014

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2 thoughts on “5 Cool Places to Visit in Oslo

  1. Charlene

    I saw all of these except the Munch Museum on our trip. Would highly recommend getting the Oslo Pass if you plan to do a lot of sight seeing.
    Fantastic city and I can’t wait to go back in May 2018!


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