5 things to do while in Triberg, Germany

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World's biggest cuckoo clock

World’s biggest cuckoo clock

1.  World’s biggest cuckoo clock. 

Visit the world’s biggest cuckoo clock in Schonach near Triberg.  Just a few minutes away you can see the largest cuckoo clock in the world.  Every hour on the hour, a cuckoo bird comes out of a window.  The bird weighs about 150 Kilogram and measures about 5 meters.

Germany's largest waterfall

Germany’s highest waterfall

2.  Germany’s highest waterfalls

Go see the highest waterfalls in Germany at the heart of the Black Forest.  There are 3 hiking trails you can take – 45 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes.  There is an admission fee of 3 euros to see the waterfalls.

House of 1000 clocks

House of 1000 clocks

3.  House of 1000 clocks

Check out the House of 1000 clocks shop.  Since Triberg is quite known for its cuckoo clocks, there are shops that sells wooden clocks around town.  And one of the famous shops is the House of 1000 clock.  This store has over 1000+ clocks and other interesting souvenirs.

Black Forest Museum

Black Forest Museum

4.  Black Forest Museum

The Black Forest Museum was established in 1873 and it shows the cultural and economic life of the people from the Black Forest.  The museum also holds traditional clothing, clocks and wood carvings by Karl Josef Fortwangler.  There is a fee to this museum.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

5.  Black Forest Cake

Get a slice of the Black Forest Cake.  The original Black Forest cake recipe is still made until today at Cafe Schaefer in Triberg.  There are also other cafes around town that sells the cake.  A delicious dessert at the Black Forest.

Have you been to Triberg?  What are the things you enjoyed doing?

Published 6 September, 2013

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