5 Things to do in Verona

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Things to do in Verona

Verona is a city located at the north eastern part of Italy.  It is also a main tourist destination because of its heritage, fairs and historical architectures.  During my visit, we went there during the summer and there were crowds but not as much as Florence.  I enjoyed eating the food, looking at the architectures, and the warm weather.  I have added it on my places to visit again.  Here are some of the things I recommend to do when you visit Verona.

5 Things to do in Verona:

1.  Juliet’s house (Casa di Giuletta)

Visit the famous Juliet’s house (Casa di Giuletta).  While there is no proof that this was the actual location, many visitors are drawn to this place to see the famous balcony from the Romeo and Juliet story.

Juliet's House

Juliet’s House

2.  The Verona Arena

The Verona Arena is an amphitheatre that was built on 30 AD and the structures are still preserved.  Today, they still use the amphitheatre for opera performances.

The Verona Arena

The Verona Arena

3.  Ponte Scaligero

Ponte Scaligero (Stone Bridge in Italian) is a small bridge that you can walk across and see the beautiful scenery.  It is famous and historical bridge in Verona.

Ponte Scaligero

Ponte Scaligero

4.  Piazza delle Erbe

The Piazza delle Erbe is a square that was originally a Roman forum.  Today, it has tons of cafes, shops and restaurants.  A great place to eat, shop and walk around.

Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe

5.  Arco dei Gavi

The Arco dei Gavi is an old structure that was built around the 1st century AD.  It’s a beautiful arch to definitely see.

Arco dei Gavi

Arco dei Gavi

Have you been to Verona?  Share us your story.

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Things to do in Verona Italy

Published 2 February, 2015

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