6%DokiDoki post card and pin

When I visited the 6%DokiDoki booth during my Japan Expo visit (story here), Yuka and Vani gave me a 6%DokiDoki post card that had a super kawaii design.  Check it out:

Front: The 6%DokiDoki Shop and Staff with their merchandise

Back: Description about their shop and Store Location

There were so many super cute items at their booth in the Japanese Expo – they had the ‘Wish my shooting star’ necklace which I really wanted but they were selling it for 50 euros and I didn’t bring that cash with me.  So, I just settled for something cute and small.  I bought their signature brooch (5 euro):

(Here’s the classic 6%DokiDoki brooch pin.  Note:  Image not actual size, the item is smaller than photo)

Check out their webshop at: http://www.dokidoki6.com/

Published 20 July, 2012

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