A cute visit in Brussels, Belgium

Meet Chibi, our newest co-host of this blog – she is a little Pullip Dal from Asia.  Her first trip is here in Brussels and she’s excited to go around town and see all the cute things.

The above photos are taken in the Grand Platz – this is where they hold events and festivals.  Also, the most important landmark in Brussels.

The most famous statue in Brussels – the Manneken Pis.  This is a small bronze fountain showing a little boy peeing.  This was built in the early 1600’s and it is a very significant statue in the Belgian culture.  Sometimes this statue is dressed in costumes as an exhibition which includes different cultures, professions, trades and military services.  The legend of the Manneken Pis – tells a of a young infant boy who saved the city by urinating on the burning fuse of the attackers.

The Adventures of Tintin in Brussels!  This is a very famous European comics of the 20th century.  The comic was created by a Belgian artist under the pen name of Herge.  It’s about a young Belgian reporter who is aided by his dog Snowy.  Website (here).

Finally, after all the walking and touring – we headed to get an awesome waffle.  Belgium waffles are simply delicious they are crunchy and sweet, totally worth the trip to Belgium for these.

Published 3 September, 2012

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