Alice & the Pirates, a Baby the Stars Shine Bright label

Alice & the Pirates (A&P) was founded in 2004 by the famous lolita brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (BTSSB).  As opposed to BTSSB’s main focus which is Sweet Lolita style, A&P has a darker color contrast with a pirate, punk and aristocrat theme.  Here’s a thought about how to describe A&P better, imagine Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) stumbles in the Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean) rather than wonderland.   At the moment, their current designers are Mitsuba and Nakamura Tomomi.

Alice & The Pirates webshop:

(Left: Alice and the Pirates logo.  Right: Shop display with dresses, pants and coats)

(Alice and the Pirates, worn by models in a Fashion show at Otakon 2011)


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Published 28 July, 2012

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