Angelic Pretty shop in Osaka Japan

Angelic Pretty Osaka

Angelic Pretty is a Japanese brand that sells lolita fashion items. They have stores all over Japan and two shops overseas – Paris and San Francisco.

During my trip to Osaka, one of the places I visited was Amerikamura. Amerikamura is similar to Harajuku of Tokyo. A place filled with trendy Japanese fashion. And in this area, there’s an Angelic Pretty shop.

The Angelic Pretty Shop in Osaka has a pink exterior with cute lolita accessories in the window display.

Angelic Pretty Osaka

Angelic Pretty Osaka


When I visited there was a sale event. I got two items – white cardigan and a silver heart bag on sale for about $50 each. The shop assistant was very helpful and friendly. This shop is a must visit for those who are visiting Osaka and love Japanese fashion.

Angelic Pretty Osaka

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Address: 1FC Shouto Building 1-8-9, Nishihinsaibashi, Chuou-ku, Osaka 542-0086

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Angelic Pretty Osaka

Angelic Pretty in Osaka Japan.

Published 11 October, 2017

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