Arrival at Prague, Czech Republic

National Museum in Prague Czech Republic

Behind me is the Wenceslas Square and in front of me is the National Museum of Prague. This main square is very historical, and is a place for public gatherings.

Finally after an hour flight from Germany, I arrived in Prague.  It is actually my first time visiting Czech Republic – and I must say, I am loving it.  What surprised me the most is that a lot of things here seems to be very cheap compared to Western Europe.  The bus and metro fare were only a total of $1.50 from the Airport to the main central.  This trip was one of the unplanned trips I had this year, and a friend of mine recommended that I visit it because she said that the food in Prague is really amazing.  So, here I am and let the adventure begin.

At the metro station in Prague – while there’s lots of people, its still not as packed as Tokyo.

Getting from the airport to the main central in Prague takes a total of 30 minutes, about a 20 minute bus from the airport to Dejvicka and another 10 minutes from Dejvicka to Mustek (the main central stop).  Prague is a very safe city, but from what I have read there are some pick pockets so just be careful about your things.

The National Museum at night in Prague

Arrived at the Hapimag Resort – this is where I stayed during my trip here in Prague.


Published 12 November, 2012

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