Baby Star Hello Kitty Store in Rome, Italy

Baby Star Hello Kitty Rome

While walking around Largo Chigi in Rome, I found an unexpected pleasant surprise, it’s a very cute shop called ‘Baby Star’.  The store sells mostly Hello Kitty merchandises and kids apparel.  The window display had adorable Hello Kitty bags, wallets and accessories.  So, I decided to go in and check it out.

Inside the store is filled not only with Hello Kitty items but also with cute clothing like tutu skirts, colorful tops and dresses.  What I liked about this store is that, they were carrying Camomilla x Hello Kitty items.  Camomilla is an Italian luxury brand that designs bags, jewelry, wallets and more.  And they collaborated with Hello Kitty to create many chic and fancy items.

Photo above is a Camomilla for Hello Kitty pochette.  It has an Italian flag design with the Hello Kitty face icon.  This was the item I got when I visited the shop.  The price for the pochette was 10 euros, a bit pricey but totally cute and rare.

The shop staff was very friendly and nice. I asked the staff if it was alright to take photos inside, and she said it was OK.  It makes me happy just to be able to take photos and show cute shops all around the world.

Baby Star Hello Kitty Rome Italy

Baby Star Hello Kitty Rome Italy

More info:

– Location: Largo Chigi 7, 00187 Rome Italy

Published 28 May, 2014

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