Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Shop and Fashion Show

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (Baby or BTSSB) is a Japanese shop that sells sweet lolita fashion.  Last Spring 2012, I visited Japan and I got a chance to visit their shop in Laforet and Chiba.  At the Chiba shop, I bought the small heart sling bag and a brown Usakumya charm (link).  During that time they were having a Easter theme so, as a thank you gift, I got a Haribo gummy candy.

The shop is medium sized not too big, nor too small but it’s the smallest BTSSB shop that I have visited.  The nice thing about the Chiba shop is that it is located at the Parco Mall which isn’t too crowded (unlike the ones in Tokyo), so it was a very calm and relax shopping experience.  By the way, the shop keepers here are very cute.  There were two of them when I visited (sorry I forgot their names), one was wearing the Cherry print dress and the other staff was wearing A&P coordinate.  Like most shops outside Tokyo, the staff did not speak English, so if you’re looking for something in particular, its quite handy to print it out in Japanese and show it to them.

(Left: BTSSB logo and wall decor.  Right: Shop items – dress coordinate, shoes and charms)

There are 2 other shops outside Japan which are in Paris, France and San Francisco, USA.

Check out their Shop location:

For those who haven’t heard of BTSSB, and are curious on how the dresses look like – here are some dresses from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – These were from the Otakon 2011 Fashion Show:

(Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, worn by models in Otakon 2011 Fashion show)

The dresses from BTSSB are very frilly, girly and sweet themed, while Alice and the Pirates have a different color contrast and theme (A&P more info).

Published 1 August, 2012

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