Bucket List: 14 Foods to try in Czech Republic

Foods to try in Czech Republic

Czech Republic, a country in the center of Europe bordered by Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia.  It’s capital city, the fascinating Prague has over 1.3 million citizens.  Prague is well-known for its magnificent landmarks – Charles bridge, Astronomical clock, Castle, and Cathedrals.

When you visit Czech Republic, most likely the city of Prague, you may feel hungry at some point.  There are numerous Czech cuisines restaurants around the city.  It is definitely worth a try, Czech food is very hearty and filling, especially good when its the cold season.

Check out these 14 Foods to try in Czech Republic:

1.  Trdelnik – rolled pastry with sugar
2.  Hovezi gulas s knedlikem – Beef goulash with dumplings
3.  Koleno – roast pork knee
4.  Smazene zampiony – breaded fried mushrooms
5.  Ovocne knedliky – fruit dumpling pastry
6.  Palacinky – crepe
7.  Bramboraky – potato pancakes
8.  Smazeny syr – fried cheese
9.  Nakladany hermelin – pickled cheese
10. Svickova na smetane – beef sirloin with gravy
11. Houskove knedliky – bread dumpling
12. Medovnik – honey cake
13. Utopenci – pickled pork sausage
14. Zelnacka – Sauerkraut soup

Have you tried any Czech food?  Let us know how it was.

Published 10 January, 2014

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