Bucket List: 25 Foods to try in Germany

Bucket List: 25 Foods to try in Germany

Germany the founding member of the European community, home of the best beers and sausages, and voted most popular country in the world.  If you ever plan on visiting this beautiful country, here are 25 foods you have to try:

1.  Currywurst (sausage with curry sauce)
2.  Jagerschnitzel (breaded fried pork with mushroom sauce)
3.  Bratwurst (traditional sausage)
4.  Feierwurst (spicy sausage)
5.  Gulaschsuppe (beef and vegetable soup)
6.  Apfelstrudel (apple strudel)
7.  Kasespatzle (cheese pasta)
8.  Kartoffelpuffer (pan-fried potato pancakes)
9.  Schwarzewalder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cherry cake)
10. Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle)

Bucket List Foods to try in Germany
11. Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage)
12. Spundekas mit bretzel (cream cheese with pretzel)
13. Brathend’l (roasted chicken)
14. Speissbraten (grilled pork sandwich)
15. Weiswurst (white sausage)
16. knobibaguette (garlic bread)
17. Flammkuchen (thin-crisp pizza)
18. Kasekuchen (cheese torte)
19. Kartoffel Klosse (potato dumplings)
20. Berliner (jelly donut)

Bucket List Foods to try in Germany
21. Quarkkeulchen (cream and potato pastry ball)
22. Schoko Erdbeere (chocolate covered strawberry in a stick)
23. Pommes frites (fries)
24. Kirschstreuselkuchen (Cherry cake)
25. Spargel mit sauce hollandaise (white asparagus with Hollandaise sauce)


How many of the food on this list have you tried?  Let us know!

Published 19 October, 2013

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