Bucket List: 25 Foods to try in the Philippines

Foods to try in the Philippines

The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines is a country in the South East Asia with over 7,000+ islands.  The origins of its mixed cuisines can be traced back from their Malay, Spanish, Chinese and other Asian influences.  Here are some food list that you definitely have to try when you visit the Philippines:

25 Foods to try in the Philippines

1.  Adobo (soy sauce chicken)
2.  Lechon kawali (deep fried roasted pig)
3.  Sisig (fried minced pig parts)
5.  Polvoron (crumbly milk shortbread)
6.  Leche-flan (caramel custard)
7.  Lumpia (spring rolls with meat)
8.  Kwek-kwek (quail egg tempura-style)
9.  Halo-halo (shaved ice with fruits and milk)
10. Fishball (similar to meatballs, but instead of meat they use fish)
11. Taho (soft tofu with brown sugar syrup)
12. pandesal (bread roll)
13. Maja Blanca (coconut pudding)
14. Pancit palabok (rice noodle with shrimp sauce)
15. Bistek (beef steak marinated with soy sauce)
16. Bulalo (beef soup)
17. Suman (sweet sticky rice)
18. Longaniza (sweet pork sausage)
19. Bibingka (rice cake with coconut milk and salted eggs)
20. Nilaga (beef, vegetables, and plantain soup)
21. Arroz Caldo (rice and chicken porridge)
22. Balut (boiled duck embryo)
23. Sinigan (vegetable, seafood and sour tamarind soup)
24. Kare-kare (stew with meat and peanut sauce)
25. Tocino (sweet marinated pork)

Have you tried any of these Filipino cuisines?  Let us know!


Published 26 October, 2013

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