Burg Sooneck in Rhineland

At the Entrance of Burg Sooneck

Here’s a castle around the upper middle valley of the Rhine called Burg Sooneck.  The castle was first mentioned in the 1200’s according to recent research established for this castle.  Now it can be visited with individual or organized tours.

Antique canon launchers at the entrance

Inside the castle – walls decorated with antlers

Hallway in Burg Sooneck

At the walkway bridge going to the tower

At the top of the tower – view of the Rhine

More info:

  • Admission was 2,60 euros
  • History via:  Wikipedia Burg Sooneck
  • Address:  Sooneck strasse 1, Niederheimbach, 55413
  • Hours: April-September Tuesday-Sunday: 9:00 – 18:00, October-November and January-March Tuesday-Sunday: 9:00-17


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Published 3 November, 2012

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