Candy Stripper – What a risqué shop name!

As I was walking through the streets in Harajuku, I saw a bright red with spherical mirrors shop.  It’s called ‘Candy Stripper’ – it has a very risqué name, but it’s a shop for punk-fun clothing.  This shop has been featured in popular magazines like Fruits – which is a Harajuku fashion scene magazine.  A couple of my Japanese friends have purchased from this shop – they particularly liked the scarves.

The shop has two levels inside – basement and floor level, though I don’t quite remember what was on the basement floor.  The floor level has the girls apparel and accessories section.  A good place to check out when you get a chance to visit Harajuku.


Front Shop of Candy Stripper in Harajuku

Address: 4-26-27 1F Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Current Summer 2012 Fashion Style apparel!

Bonus picture!  Me infront of the shop with my shopping luggage lol.

Published 4 August, 2012

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