Casa di Giulietta – Juliet’s House in Verona

Casa di Giulietta Verona

In Verona, one of the places worth seeing is the Casa di Giulietta or Juliet’s house. While there is no proof that this was the actual location for William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet inspiration, many visitors are drawn to this place.  The story is so powerful that every year hundreds of thousands want to see this house especially the famous balcony where Juliet stood and Romeo spoke of his love for her.

Even before visiting Verona I knew I wanted to see this place someday.  I wanted to get a glimpse of the famous balcony and see the bronze sculpture of Juliet.

Getting there:

Casa di Giulietta is located at Via Cappello 23 Verona, Italy.  Once you get to Verona city center, you will see maps and signs with directions pointing to this place (it’s quite famous).  The courtyard is free to get in, however going inside the house has an admission fee.

Also, you will notice a Romeo Giulietta store just outside (and inside) Juliet’s house.  This store sells souvenirs.

Casa di Giulietta Verona

Not to Miss:

Balcony.  Upon entering the courtyard, you will notice the famous balcony.  Those who visit inside the house gets a chance to stand on the balcony.

Casa di Giulietta Verona

Juliet Statue.  In the courtyard, you will see a bronze statue of Juliet.  Many believe that if you touch the right breast of the statue it will bring luck in love and fortune.

Juliet's statue

Juliet’s statue

Court’s Wall.  While it is forbidden to deface on the court wall, there are still many love notes and writings around the building.

Casa di Giulietta Verona

Casa di Giulietta Verona

Casa di Giulietta Verona


I think that seeing the courtyard is good enough, you get to see the balcony, love notes and Juliet’s statue.

More info:

– Website:  Juliet’s House

– Hours:  Tuesday – Sunday 8:30 – 19:30, Monday 13:30 – 19:30

– Location:  Via Cappello, 23 – 37121 Verona Italy

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Published 26 October, 2014

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