Cheiro ao Sabor Lisbon

The Cheiro ao Sabor Restaurante in Lisbon

During my trip in Lisbon, one of the restaurants I ate at was Cheiro ao Sabor (also means ‘smell the flavor’ according to Google translate). This restaurant was in one of the main streets in the Lisbon central and I just happened to stumble upon it while looking for something to eat.

The very delicious Bolo de Chocolate (means chocolate cake)

The Bolo de chocolate has a very light texture and it has a semi-sweet flavor that goes really well with cappuccino.

Ham and mushroom baguette

Overall this is a good place to eat for lunch, the prices aren’t too expensive about 5 Euros (or maybe less) for the baguette sandwich and the food is really good too. My favorite is their Chocolate cake, I still think about it until now.

Which restaurants do you like to eat in Lisbon? Share it with us!



Published 15 March, 2013

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