Chocolatyum Patisserie in Hongdae

Chocolatyum Patisserie in Hongdae

While wondering around in the streets of Hongdae, I found this very cute pastry shop around the corner (just happened to stumble upon it).  What caught my attention were the cakes display on the window, they looked so delicious, I just had to go inside the shop.

Strawberry and Chocolate cake display

This bakery is quite small however, don’t let the size fool you they have tons of pastry selections.  And all of them look very tasty!

Cute Welcome sign right next to the door

Sweets and Pastry selections with super cute designs

I couldn’t help myself but to stare at all these cute pastries.  They really look delicious and cute at the same time.  And the best part is, they are all reasonably priced.

The vintage 50’s decoration at the other side with lots of yummy pastries

More pastry goodness!

Cake, macarons, and other pastry selections at the register!

Coffee flavor macaron and Cheese tart pastry

When I go back to Seoul, I am definitely going to visit this bakery again.  Their pastries were so delicious, I ended up getting a coffee macaron and cheese tart.   I would definitely recommend this place for those who love yummy pastries and enjoy cute food.


Published 20 February, 2013

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