Dal’s first trip in Düsseldorf – Japantown!

On our way to Düsseldorf! I’m quite excited to see the Japan town in Germany. Düsseldorf has the largest Japanese community in Germany and it is the third largest in Europe with around 11,000 Japanese.

We have reached our destination, this is the first stop on our list – Takagi bookstore.  This shop sells lots of fashion magazines – Seventeen, Ageha, Kera, etc.  The shop keeper was an old Japanese lady who spoke to us in Japanese rather than German.  They don’t accept cards without the ‘chip’ so no American credit/debit cards.  There are also lots of other Japanese bookstores around too around here.  Webshop (here).  Address: Marienstr. 41 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany. Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 – 18:30


Here is the shop front for Takagi, they have old books for sale in the front and they also sell cosplay items as well.  And lots of mangas, toys and random Japanese items.


This one is our favorite little Japanese grocery shop.  They have Japanese snacks, drinks and even the plum wine.  We bought some seaweed wrap and some snacks for our lunch tomorrow.  They also sell little odds and ends items here like tea sets, bentos, and some Korean foods.  Webshop (here).  Address: mmermannstr 15. 40210, Düsseldorf, Germany.


Another Japanese bookstore, this shop OCS Japan Store sells magazines, stationery, snacks and the best part is that they have a Purikura machine too!  I noticed that there was a Gal circle group around this store too.  Dusseldorf has Japanese street fashion followers walking around – lolita, gyaru, gothic, etc.  It was quite amazing to see the different kinds of Japanese street fashion style in Germany.


I must admit that this Ramen place, Takumi – has got to be my favorite restaurant/food for the year 2012!  The ramen, gyoza, and rice set were oishii (yummy)!  We got the Ramen set of the day with Miso soup.


And finally, the best part of the trip – Ramen set!  This ramen was perfect, the soup was tasty and everything was just perfect.  The Takumi restaurant has a very Japanese atmosphere – the workers say ‘irashaimase’ to welcome custmers and they say ‘arigatou gozaimasu’ when the customers leave.  The prices weren’t that bad for a Big ramen bowl + Rice and meat set it was only 12,80 Euro.  This is one of my ‘to come-back’ places in the next few months.

Published 13 August, 2012

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