DearBerry cosmetic shop in Myeongdong

The DearBerry Shop in Myeongdong

I love going to Myeongdong whenever I visit Seoul, it’s such a wonderful shopping district and I get to see new fashion and cosmetic products.  Let me introduce you my latest cosmetic shop find, dearberry.  The peach pink colorful shop caught my attention and I knew I had to go inside the store. This shop wasn’t there when I visited Seoul last May 2011, so I think its a new shop in the area.  According to their Facebook page they were founded on June 2011.

Inside the dearberry shop with their latest products

I was quite happy that they allowed me to take photos inside their shop, and their staffs are super friendly too.  They showed me their best sellers and latest items that they have just released as well.

Lipstick collection

As with lots of Korean beauty products, they are very affordable and made of high quality.  I got to test out some of their body lotions and make-ups.

Their latest endorser, Boyfriend – a Kpop boy group.

The idol Kpop boy group, Boyfriend is the latest endorser for DearBerry.  I actually watched their youtube commercial (here) for dearberry, and I think that they are kind of cute, new addition to my favorite boy band group (together with BigBang). By the way, the photo above are the free posters they give-away when you buy any item from their shop, they let you pick which one you like.  You’re probably wondering if I bought something, well I did.  So, I chose the top poster, it matches a bit with my room.

Hand lotion collection with different scents (and Boyfriend member)

My haul from DearBerry

It seems like I bought lots of things from their shop, but I only got the hand lotion (green tea flavor) and the mascara.  I love buying from Korean cosmetic shops because they give you so much free samples which I have yet to try.  But let me tell you this, I really enjoyed my time in dearberry shop – their staffs were really friendly.  So, if you’re in Myeongdong check out this store they have lots of cute beauty products you might like.

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Published 22 February, 2013

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