End of the year summary for 2012

1. January – visiting Switzerland and hiking at the Jungfrau summits

2. February – Fasching day in Germany, a carnival festival held every February in Dusseldorf, Cologne and Mainz.

3. March – first city that I visited in Spain was Madrid. I totally fell in love with the food and lifestyle.

4. April – Since I had a free time during April, I went back to Japan. I went shopping, sight seeing and visiting my friends.

5. May – My family visited and we went on a cruise in the Baltic Sea via Norwegian.

6. June – Johannisnacht in Mainz, a major festival with over 500,000 visitors.

7. Spain and France – visited Mallorca for their beaches, and went to Paris for the Japanese Expo convention.

8. August – Gamescom in Dusseldorf

9. September – a quick trip to see Brussels and Brugges in Belgium

10. October – My cousins came to visit and we went to Oktoberfest in Munich. And we visited Amsterdam as well.

11. November – Prague was one of the cities I didn’t plan to go this year, but I was glad that I went to see it. I want to go back there again soon. Also, for Thanksgiving, I went back to the USA to see my family and Black Friday shopping.

12. December – Visited lots of Christmas markets around town here in Germany – Mainz, Wiesbaden, Rudesheim and Dusseldorf.

This 2012 has been the year in my entire life where I have done the most traveling so far.  I can’t wait to see what 2013 has for me, I do have tons of traveling plans set already for next year and I am excited.  I realized that life is too short to be in one corner and not seeing lots of beautiful things around the world.  I am quite fortunate to be given this opportunity to travel.  And I am so blessed to have all my friends and family in my life to support and take care of me all the time.

Happy New Year!


Published 31 December, 2012

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