Fairy tale castle of Trendelburg – Rapunzel’s Tower

At the hilltop in the town of Trendelburg, there’s a fairy tale like castle with a magnificent tower that has been around for more than 700 years.  The tower has been said to be an inspiration for the Grimm’s Brothers fairy tale story ‘Rapunzel’.

A long time ago, the castle was used as a fortress.  Now, visitors can stay at the castle hotel, eat at the restaurant and have a wedding ceremony.  A wonderful place to visit for a fairy tale like experience.

During my visit, I got a chance to see the tower and go inside as well.  Inside the tower was actually quite scary.  The stairs were steep and it was a bit dark inside too.  I got up all the way to the top, and the view was amazing.

Here are some photos from Trendelburg Castle:

More info:

Website: http://www.burg-hotel-trendelburg.com/en/
Location: Steinweg 1, 34388 Trendelburg, Hesse, Germany
Tower Entrance fee: 4.50 Euros

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Rapunzel Tower. Fairy tale castle of Trendelburg Germany

Published 9 December, 2016

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