Flashback: A local restaurant in Chiba for dinner April 2012

The night before I left Japan, my sister brought me to a local restaurant in Chiba (it was located at one of the shopping centers).  Their specialty is okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese pancake containing flour, eggs, cabbage, meat, seafood and fish flakes.

Here’s how the okonomiyaki looks like – this one has noodles and seafood mixed in.  I took the photo while watching the chef cook.


Above: our main dish, the Okonomiyaki.  It was topped with fish flakes and had a sweet Teriyaki sauce.  And of course, it was oishii (delicious)!


Last and finally not the least, the dessert.  And no matter how full I get, there’s always room for dessert.  This one is a sweet soft tofu with orange and maple syrup.  It sounds quite simple but its very tasty.

We didn’t get to finish all the food we ordered since it was too much and there were only the two of us.  But it was definitely a good restaurant to go to.  I must say the staffs here are super friendly – we ended up chatting with one of them, like what’s popular in Germany and in the US right now, etc.  It was such a wonderful night I hope to go to this restaurant someday again.


Published 18 September, 2012

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