Flashback: Hermitage museum St. Petersburg May 2012

The Hermitage Museum is located in Saint Petersburg Russia. This is one of the largest and oldest museum in the world.

The museum is so large it would take years to even see the entire collections. The above photo I think is Alexander the first. There were so many other portraits that surrounded this large image its very impressive.

Ceiling art

A detailed artwork on high ceilings

Royal Throne seat

At one of the tour walks around the museum. I totally love the angel chandelier lamp.

This post is part of the St. Petersburg tour we had during our 9 day Baltic cruise (visit other post here).  I would say overall Hermitage is an awesome and over the top museum.  However, it is quite tiring since there’s so much to see and learn.  I wish we had more time to visit, this is a definitely recommended place to visit if you’re in St. Petersburg.


Published 29 September, 2012

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