Flashback: Japan Expo Paris July 2012

After a long wait – I finally got my ticket to get into Japan Expo

So, what is Japan Expo?  It is a convention on Japanese pop culture – anime, manga, food, music etc held in Paris, France yearly in July.  I have been to quite  a few anime conventions – Otakon, Anime USA, and Katsucon.  The difference is that Japan Expo focuses more on the full pop culture rather than just the anime.  This year their main music guest was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Have you heard of her?  Her music video PONPONPON has over 38 million views on youtube.com.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch her perform because the line was too long.  However, I did have lots of fun since there are so many cute little things around the expo – check out the photos below:

Welcome to Japan Expo! My coordinate – Liz Lisa Dress with BTSSB boots.

6%DokiDoki Shop with Yuka and Vani – their style totally defines the kawaii culture.

Me at the Hello Kitty booth signing up for a free tote bag!

Cute lolita booth selling accessories and clothing

A sweet lolita/fairy kei accessory shop


More info:

  • Website: http://www.japan-expo.com/en/
  • Buy tickets in advance to avoid the long wait – I waited for about 2 hours because I didn’t purchase the ticket in advance.
  • The convention is huge and crowded, there were over 200,000 visitors this 2012.
  • Ticket is good for both Japan Expo and Comic Con (yes there are 2 conventions going on)
Published 10 November, 2012

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