Flashback: Taiko (drum) festival in Narita, Japan April 2012

Taiko Festival in Narita at the Shinshoji Temple’s main gate

The Taiko festival was held on April 14 & 15, 2012 – this is a drum festival in which dance teams in the Kanto region performs at the Shinshoji temple.  My friends and I went during the 15th of April.  The place was packed with tourists and also the performers – they performed for about an hour in the temple.  Later on the day, there were other stages around the temple for other drum performances.  For more info about this festival visit: http://www.pref.chiba.lg.jp/kokusai/english/information/residents/news/issues/march2012.html

Drummers and Performers at the Shinshoji temple

It was very packed and quite difficult to take photos during their performances, but fortunately I got a snap of their outfits and drums.  The performances are very intense and energetic – which was amazingly fun to watch and dance too (well, maybe sway since its crowded).

An overview of the temple with street vendors

After the drum performance at the temple, we went to around to see what kinds of street foods they have.  We saw the banana covered in chocolate and some takoyaki!  They were also selling little charms for cellphones.

Me washing hands at the temple

Japanese character themed rice snacks!

Narita’s mascot and high school students

I wanted to take a photo with the mascot but it was too popular, there were kids and teens waiting to take a photo with him/her too.  So, I just took one from a far.  The high school kids seem to be having fun.

Published 20 October, 2012

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