Flashback: Tallinn, Estonia May 2012

Me in Tallinn, Estonia – one of the maps around the port

One of the stops during our Baltic Cruise with NCL was in Tallinn, Estonia.  My family and I went on a walking tour with SPB tours (company), from the port to the central city is about a 10 minute walk.  Our guide told us that one of the notable inventions in Estonia is SKYPE!  Skype has its IT headquarters in Tallinn.  I don’t remember much from the tour, except that Skype started out in Estonia.

Peeping old man (top left)

The story behind this statue – there was once an old man who lived in this building and peeks at his window. Across his building was a ballet studio and he checks out the ballerinas while they were changing. So, in memory of his death, his wife had this statue built. lol.

House of the Blackheads door

Tallinn Central Plaza

Going up to see more of the city

Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Church

Free Munchies at the street

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Published 29 October, 2012

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