Flashback: The real Gangnam style at night – photos

Me in Gangnam District

Gangnam is a district in Seoul, South Korea – it is known as the most affluent and influential area in South Korea.  And now thanks to Psy’s ever so popular music video ‘Gangnam Style’ this district is becoming worldly known.  The term ‘Gangnam Style’ refers to those who are trendy, hip and lavish lifestyle of the Gangnam district.

When I visited Seoul last year 2011, I stayed in Gangnam – and this district is very lively especially at night.  Lots of young Gangnam Korean men and women are very fashionable with very expensive designer clothes.

Gangnam District at night

At Gangnam – trying to cross the street to go shopping on the other side

A Korean BBQ restaurant in Gangnam

Me inside one of the Korean BBQ’s in Gangnam – sorry forgot the name of the restaurant.

We order Samgyeoupsal (similar to bacon) and Galbi (marinated meat)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my mini Gangnam photo post.  Here’s a side story with the Korean BBQ restaurant on how we got there – so we were looking for a place to eat in Gangnam and a random guy from nowhere noticed that we couldn’t speak Korean, so he spoke to us in English and asked us what type of food we were looking for.  And I was like I want ‘Samgyeoupsal’ and he walked us (about 1 minute walk) to a restaurant and ordered for us.  He didn’t even ask for anything – and I was afraid in the beginning since it might be like a tourist trap or something but it was just simple act of kindness.  After he told our orders to the waiter he left and we said thank you so many times.  And for that, I love Korea even more, the people are just so polite and humble too.


Published 5 November, 2012

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    1. admin Post author

      Hello! Yes, Seoul is one of those cities that is a must see again and again. My favorite is Myungdong. Which part of Seoul did you like best?

    1. admin Post author

      I haven’t been to the bars in Apgujeoung… but I love that place too. It has some cute little cafes and from what I was told Korean celebrities hang out there. But I don’t really know much celebrities TT_TT . Thanks for recommendation I’m going to Korea this January and I will try to check out those places.


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