Flashback: Vacation in Mallorca, Spain July 2012

Behind me is the Hilton Mallorca in Sa Torre Spain.  This Hilton is definitely different from the other Hiltons I have stayed, this one is located in a very secluded area (not in the city).  The building has the old Spanish manor style that makes it much more traditional.  More info on their website: (here).

At the courtyard – this is also an outside seating for their restaurants.  It was a perfect weather when we went there which made the trip even better.

Guess who came along?  Usakumya!  Behind her is an old Cathedral church – Can you believe that this is still in Hilton hotel?  The hotel is right next to this cathedral.

And an old windmill too.

A scenic photograph at night taken from the room.  There was a wedding held while we stayed.

This is the beautiful beach in Santanyi Mallorca.

And the most beautiful beach so far, Es Trenc.  This beach has white sand and clear blue water – and its a nude beach.  Since I’m a foreigner, it was quite interesting to go see these kinds of beaches but for this beach its optional if you’d like to wear your swimsuit (which I did wear by the way).

Interesting facts about Mallorca:

  • About 80% visitors from Germany
  • Closed during winter
  • Pretty much everyone in Mallorca either spoke German or Spanish (and English too)
  • It’s about 2 hours from Frankfurt to Mallorca
  • Car rental is a must in this city – public transportation is quite difficult to access
  • Lots of shops are closed on Sunday
Published 25 August, 2012

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One thought on “Flashback: Vacation in Mallorca, Spain July 2012

  1. Kirin

    Thank you for sharing your travel experience. ^ ^ That place looks nice~~~ I love beaches~~~. ^ ^
    I wish to travel in Spain. That’s one of the reasons I’m learning Spanish now. ^ ^ (to keep motivated myself)

    Also it’s my dream to write a travel blog in the future, after TKE. hahaha ^_^;;

    Please keep it up.


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