Food Diary: Norway

Food Diary Norway

Today, I would like to share with you my food diary when I visited Norway.  Compared to what I am used to, Norway is a very expensive country to visit.  Most of the time, I tried to budget my money by eating foods from convenient stores or delis rather than going to restaurants.  However, I did eat some awesome foods while I was there and if you ever plan on going to Norway, you may want to try these foods as well.

The cities I visited while I was in Norway were – Bergen, Gudvangen and Oslo.  These cities have many local specialty dishes.

My Food Diary in Norway:

1.  Lun Ulriken Bolle

The Lun Ulriken Bolle is a pastry with cinnamon and hazelnuts.  I ate this pastry when I visited Mount Ulriken.

Lun Ulriken Bolle

Lun Ulriken Bolle

2.  Creamy Fish Soup

This soup was creamy and had chunks of fish meat (not sure which one), I also ate this when I visited Mount Ulriken.

Creamy Fish Soup

Creamy Fish Soup

3.  Flat Bread Breakfast Sandwich

While taking the boat tour across the Fjords, there was a restaurant in Gudvangen Fjordtell that served this Flat Bread.  It had an egg, cheese and salad on the side.

Flat bread

Flat bread breakfast sandwich

4.  Reindeer meat stew with potatoes

Inside one of the trains going to Oslo, there’s a restaurant that served this dish – Reindeer meat.  It was very tender and tasty, it’s quite similar to beef stew flavor.

Reindeer Meat stew

Reindeer Meat stew

5.  Hot dog with mustard and fried onions

The hot dogs from Norway are quite different from ones that I have had anywhere else.  They are a bit chunky and flavorful.  I’m so glad that they had fried onion as part of their condiments.

Hot dog

Hot dog

6.  Pancakes (Svele)

These pancakes a much thicker and fluffier than the pancakes you might have seen.  I tried one, and I could only eat just a few bites since it was definitely very filling.

Pancakes (Svele)

Pancakes (Svele)

Have you tried any of these foods from Norway?

Published 16 July, 2014

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2 thoughts on “Food Diary: Norway

  1. mstraveltipsy

    There are some weird dishes in Norway as well 🙂 Did you know that one of our national dishes are sheep’s head (Smalahove)? Must admit I have never tried it. I love the hot dogs though. To be hones, most of the traditional Norwegian food is farmers food, like meatballs and potatoes. The Norwegian Christmas food is very good, even my Irish husband thinks the world of the xmas food. And in October we eat fårikål, directly translated to English that will be sheep in cabbage 🙂 Sound horrible maybe, but it is very good 🙂 I’m glad you liked the food 🙂

    1. Jam icoSnap Post author

      I’ve heard of Smalahove, but I didn’t get a chance to try it… but maybe when I go back! It sounds quite interesting. I really enjoyed eating many dishes in Norway especially the Reindeer stew. And thank you for visiting!


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