Four cute cafes to visit in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea is quite known for its 24/7 energetic life style – shopping, food and technology there is however, a more relaxed ambiance to take a break from it all.  I’m referring to their very cute cafes that many visitors from all over the world go to just to enjoy.  During my stay a year ago,  there were a couple that I truly enjoyed and I have made a list.  Here are the 4 cute cafes to check out when in Seoul, South Korea:

1.  Caffe Bene – Have you seen the Korean drama, Secret Garden?  If you have, then you’ll notice that they often visit a cafe which has earthy tones and garden like theme, that is Caffe Bene.  It is exactly where the main characters did the ‘cafe foam kiss’.  While its not quite noticeable because of the drama seems that have covered a part of the Caffe Bene’s full brand name – the location is definitely Caffe Bene.


Tips and info:

  • Free wifi at this cafe, they also have Apple Mac that you can use to access the internet.
  • Try the Cheese waffle  and Green tea latte
  • After a long day shopping at Myungdong, there is a near by cafe close to the Myungdong metro station exit 7 or 8 near the Migliore department store.
  • Price for a latte + snack = 10,000 KW (which is about $10 USD)

2.  Coffee Prince Hongdae (closed) – This particular cafe was popularized by the drama ‘Coffee Prince’.  Unfortunately, the staffs that work here are not similar at all to the drama.  But, if you want to experience the drama theme – its a quite cute ambiance. I didn’t really get a chance to visit this shop because I ended up going to the Hello Kitty cafe prior to walking by this cafe.

Tips and info:

  • Same street as Hello Kitty cafe and the famous Cat Cafes (Metro line: Hongik University)

3.  Paris Baguette Cafe – This was my to-go place for breakfast.  While this is a chain cafe, their breads and coffee are always delicious.  I went to a couple of Paris Baguette around Seoul – Gangnam, Coex mall, and Honggik.  Like Caffe Bene, Paris Baguette has branches outside South Korea – California, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

English Website:

Tips and info:

  • Try the curry bread, its crunch on the outside and has a meat curry filling on the inside
  • Also, try their Strawberry flavor bingsoo (it only has 418 calories)
  • A convenient location is at the Coexmall – before you enter the mall its located near the entrance door.

4.  Hello Kitty Cafe – I may have posted this cafe so many times over and over (sorry), but it is just over the top cute.  This particular shop is located in Seoul, South Korea in Hongdae near the Honggik University station.  The first time I went by here was by accident, I was just walking around Hongdae when I saw this cafe and without any second thoughts I went in and ordered.  This shop has 2 levels that are split – the top level is for more seating and the bottom level is where you order.


Tips and info:

  • Try the iced green tea drink!  It was very refreshing and not too sweet.
  • Their bathrooms are decorated in Hello Kitty as well, including the toilet.
  • How to get there: From Hongdae Station (Honggik University) take exit 5 and walk straight, turn left where you see Sinsun and walk 2 blocks, then turn right.  It will be on your left (moreover, if you walk pass Hello Kitty cafe, you will see Coffee Prince cafe and the Cat Cafe).
Published 6 August, 2012

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