Fujiya Bakery in Ginza

Fujiya Bakery Ginza

The Fujiya Bakery is a store that sells pastries, bread, sweets, etc. located in Ginza, Tokyo.  This company was founded in Yokohama sometime in 1910.  There are also other chains around Japan. The main icon of this company is Peko-chan, a little girl with pigtails and tongue sticking out.

While walking around Ginza looking for the Nishi Ginza department store, I stumble upon this cute little bakery at the end of the street.  The Peko-chan figurine at the front door caught my attention since it was so cute, and I went in to look at the different treats.

Inside you can find different breads, candies, souvenirs, ice cream, and more.  The food have a very cute presentation, and mostly have Peko-chan theme.

Fujiya Bakery Photos:

Fujiya Bakery Ginza

Fujiya Bakery Ginza


Fujiya Bakery Ginza

Fujiya Bakery Ginza

Fujiya Bakery Ginza


I tried one of the breads, it had a cream filling, and it is quite tasty.  The Peko-chan design at the bread was a cute touch added.  And it was reasonably priced, I think less than $2.00.  When you’re around the Ginza area, and looking for cute pastries, check out Fujiya bakery.

Fujiya Bakery Ginza

More info:

– Websitehttp://www.fujiya-peko.co.jp/

– Address: 4-2-12 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo Japan

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Published 1 December, 2014

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