Goose Girl Fairy Tale in Gottingen Germany

Goose Girl Fairy Tale

In the town of Gottingen, you can find the famous Goose Girl fountain at the main market. This fountain was built in 1901 and has become a popular landmark.

The Goose Girl is part of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale collection that was published in 1815. It’s about a princess that was sent to be married but on their way, her evil maid switched roles with her. The princess then became a geese caretaker. Eventually the King found out that she was the real princess and the evil maid was punished. In the end, the princess married the prince.


Goose Girl Fairy Tale

Goose Girl Fairy Tale

The George August University is also located in Gottingen. The Brothers Grimm were alumni in this university.

As a tradition, recent doctorate degree graduates kiss the statue of the Goose Girl. However, this is actually forbidden.

The fountain at the main market is a copy. The original is in the Stadtmuseum.

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Goose Girl Fairy Tale

Goose Girl Fairy Tale. Goose Girl Fountain in Gottingen Germany.

Published 20 November, 2017

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