Gudetama Cafe in Osaka

At the 7th floor of the HEP FIVE shopping center, you can find the Gudetama Cafe. Gudetama is a lazy egg character from Sanrio. Due to its popularity, there have been a few Gudetama cafes that opened up in Asia.

During my trip to Osaka, I went to visit the Gudetama Cafe. Thankfully, there was no waiting in line. As soon as we arrived we were seated immediately.

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We got the curry and roast beef. Both were pretty good and really cute. The price wasn’t too bad either, the curry was 1000 Yen (about $10) and the roast beef was 1200 Yen (about $12). I think that it’s a cute place to visit especially if you love Gudetama. The cafe also plays Gudetama cartoon on the TV screen. There’s also a shop near the cashier for Gudetama items.

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Reviews: Gudetama Cafe on TripAdvisor

Location: HEP FIVE 7F Osaka 530-0017 Japan

Hours: Daily 11:00 – 22:30

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Gudetama Cafe in Osaka Japan

Published 30 May, 2017

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