How To Travel Cheap

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How to travel cheap

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of options to travel relatively cheaply. The main trick is to plan way ahead of time. Check out this list of ways to travel cheap.

Tips To Travel Cheap

1. Be Flexible with your travel dates

Whenever you’re booking a flight or hotel, try to see if there are cheaper days available (weekday flights/stays rather than weekends). Incredible Hotel Deals on Expedia!

2. Look for other nearby airports for your flights

Flight prices vary on different airports. Check out different airports around your area to find the best prices. Then, calculate if it’s worth it (compare totals between the parking prices, transportation expenses, etc.). Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner.

3. Airport Parking

Airport parking is definitely expensive. To save money on parking make sure to book it in advance. The cheapest way is to have a friend/family drive you to and from the airport.

4. Pack your own food

Bring your own food to avoid paying for airport or flight meals. Prior to packing your food make sure it’s TSA approved.  See the TSA website for foods allowed.

5. Avoid Extra Fees (luggage weight, boarding pass print outs, etc.)

Prior to getting to the airport, weigh your luggage to make sure you don’t exceed the limit. Also, if flying budget airlines make sure to print your boarding pass, this may be extra.

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6. Travel to cheap countries

If you don’t have a particular place that you want to travel to, consider visiting countries in Asia, South America or East Europe. There are many beautiful countries that have a lower cost of living and the hotel and food are much cheaper. My favorite places to visit are Thailand, Philippines, Ecuador, Hungary and Poland.

7. Cheaper accommodations

Rather than hotels, consider accommodations like HomeAway Vacation Rentals or Hostels.

8. Look for free attractions

Many cities offer free attractions like museums, parks, markets, etc.  These are definitely budget friendly for everyone.

9. Take public transportation

Avoid taking the taxis. Use the local public transportation, it’s most likely cheaper. Or better yet, if it’s nearby just walk.

10. Cheap dining options

Shop groceries at the local market. Try out convenient store foods or maybe street foods; check out blogs that give tips about food on a particular city.

There you have it, the tips on how to travel cheap. Do you have any other tips on how to save money while traveling? Share us your story.

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How to travel cheap.

How to travel cheap. Tips for traveling on a budget.

Published 15 July, 2018

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