Jeff Koons exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany

Jeff Koons is an American painter and sculptor, he is known for his banal object reproductions – balloon animals in stainless steel.  Also, cartoon characters – the Hulk, Pink Panther, etc.  Behind Chibi:  Poster for Jeff Koons – Poodle art made from wood.

The exhibition was from 20 June – 23 September 2012 located in Liebieghaus and Schirn. It was kind of disappointing since we couldn’t take photo inside the gallery because the art works were so beautiful and very cute.  Behind Chibi is the ‘Michael Jackson and Bubbles’ ad print, the original was made from porcelain/ceramic blend.  It’s a pretty huge sculpture in real life.

At the Frankfurt bridge, they also had a Jeff Koons banner.

At the other end of the Bridge is another Jeff Koons banner.

If you want to learn more about his cute works, visit his website at:

Published 26 September, 2012

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