Laduree in Luxembourg

Laduree in Luxembourg City

Laduree logo and display in Luxembourg City

For those who adore French pastries, especially the French macarons (not macaroons made with coconuts), you have probably heard of Laduree.  Laduree is known to be the inventor of the double decker macaron that looks somewhat like a little colorful sandwich.  Thousands of these little macarons are sold each day.

Since Paris was about 8 hours drive and the Luxembourg was only 2 hours drive from where I live, I decided to visit this lovely store in Luxembourg.

Front store display with macaron pyramids

Front store display with macaron pyramids

Laduree is quite known as a luxury pastry brand.  Each macaron are quite pricey around 2 euros each.  But they are worth it on each bite, and when you purchase a set it comes in their beautiful Laduree macaron boxes.

The Laduree shop in Luxembourg

The Laduree store front in Luxembourg

Another side display

Another side display

For what its worth, I am a macaron fanatic.  I have tried over 25+ different brands of macarons around the world, and sometimes I feel like a snob because I always end up not liking the other macarons not unless they’re Laduree.  I just sincerely think so far, nothing can beat Laduree yet.  But I am still on the quest trying out different macarons around the world – France, USA, South Korea, Belgium, Philippines, etc.  Maybe one day, I might find a macaron that is up to par.

Close up look at the Laudree boxes

Close up look at the Laudree boxes

Laduree box

Laduree box

Well, I couldn’t leave this store without buying, so I got the 16 pieces with the classic round light green box.  And they give you a selection of ribbons to choose from, so I got the gold one which makes it quite luxurious.  It cost about $42 for the 16 pieces.  The little Laduree booklet said that these macarons must be consumed 3-4 days after purchase.  And of course, I ate them all myself within those days (well I shared a few too).

Have you tried Laduree Macarons?

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– Address: 18 r. Philippe II  2340 Luxembourg

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