Laduree Lucca – the unexpected Laduree store visit

Laduree Lucca Italy

Laduree opened a new store in Lucca, Italy last September 2013.  It is located in the Vela department store.  When you walk in to the store you may notice another shop inside together with Laduree.  The other shop sells fashion books, phone accessories, and other goodies.

Laduree Lucca Italy

It was a rainy day when I visited the city of Lucca.  However, I was pleased to see the Laduree banner while walking in the city center.  I just followed the red carpet, and there it was the Laduree store at the main floor.  The staffs were very helpful and friendly, they showed me the latest items in the store and some cute accessories – macaron keychain, lunch bag, etc.  I had such a nice time looking around the store.

Laduree Lucca Italy

Laduree Lucca Italy

Laduree Lucca Italy

Laduree Lucca ItalyLaduree Lucca Italy

Last but not the least, I ended up getting the eight piece box.  The box is a limited edition design, a collaboration between Laduree and Palais Galliera for the Paris fashion week.

Have you tried Laduree Macarons?

More info:

– Website:

– Location: Vela department store, Piazza dei Mercanti, 2-5510 Lucca, Italy

– Other post: Laduree Luxembourg

Published 20 November, 2013

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