MARUQ Shop in San Francisco

MARUQ Shop San Francisco

MARUQ is a shop in San Francisco that sells Japanese fashion brands, JapanLA, Rilakkuma and other cute products.  Their most popular brand in store is Liz Lisa – a fashion brand from Japan that sells GAL/Gyaru apparels.

I have visited MARUQ twice already, and whenever I visit I enjoy looking at their cute displays and new collections.  I haven’t purchased anything from the shop yet (I always miss the Lucky pack season for Liz Lisa). The staffs in the store are really friendly and dress in a very cute style.  And I’m glad that one of the staffs allowed me to take photos inside the shop (yay!).

The shop is located at the mezzanine level inside the New People’s building in Japantown.  There are other cute shops inside the New People’s building like Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Sou Sou and the cafe Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop.

Here are some photos from MARUQ:

MARUQ shop San Francisco

MARUQ shop in San Francisco

MARUQ shop San Francisco

MARUQ shop

MARUQ shop / Liz Lisa Items

JapanLA / Rilakkuma / Tokidoki / Sanrio section at MARUQ

MARUQ shop San Francisco

JapanLA / Rilakkuma / Tokidoki

JapanLA / Rilakkuma / Tokidoki / Sanrio

During my visit it was the JPOP Summit festival – and they had a section for one of the up and coming Japanese brands, ‘Aymmy in the Batty Girls’.

Aymmy in the Batty Girls section

MARUQ shop San Francisco

MARUQ shop San Francisco

Aymmy in the batty girls

More info:

– Website:

– Hours:  Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 19:00, Sunday 12:00 – 18:00

– Location:  1746 Post Street, San Francisco, California 94115

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Published 26 September, 2014

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